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xbanner regular glass banner banner glass x banner gold i banner
Banner stands are budget friendly stands and can be very quickly installed. One of the fast moving products in the modular industry can be used for display at various places. They are extremely lightweight and hence easily portable.

They can be erected anywhere be it outside a shop or at the reception counter of a company. It requires small space and can be easily moved to different locations as per the requirements. You can easily change the graphic and hence can be utilized for various campaigns.
Model Product Name Size (inches) Net Weight (Kg)
B-GL Gold L Banner 33" x 80" 2.5
B-X/R X Banner Regular 53" x 76" 1.85
B-CA Capri Banner 24" x 60" 1.2
B-B Bow Banner 32" x 72" 5
B-GL Glass X Banner 24" x 60" 0.5
B-GLF Glass Flag 19.5" 0.008